Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Emilio Test

Not a piece that will be in the film, this animation was just a way for me to run through some of my concepts and theories. I have some tight construction that I'm trying out, realistic cloth physics, and a mixture of soft and hard shadow edges.

I don't know if I will be able to do every shot in my film like this, but here's hoping. Animation always comes first, so its the performance I will inevitably be focusing on.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Layout and Backgrounds

The very talented Tyler Scarlet of my schools illustration department has decided to help me on my project. Here are just a few of the layout concepts he has created based off of my story boards. You can already see the level of quality he is producing, and quick too!

Above: Final thumbnail sketch
Below: Thumbnails, prop sketches, and concept sketches.

Concept: "A commentary on master apprentice relationships in the family."

Brianelli, a world famous renaissance painter, is trying to finish his latest painting but his son Emilio keeps getting in the way. Emilio's struggle for acknowledgment from his giant father conflicts with his fathers alone time. Only too late does Brianelli realize his son looks up to him.

Re-edited down to 4:30 min.

(Left-White Numbers)
Timer Minutes:Seconds:Frames(24 Fps)

(Right-Red Numbers)
Shot breakdown

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Inspiring surroundings!

While I was interning at Disney I noticed that they had the placed rigged perfectly for inspiration! Because my film is set between the 15th and 17th century I wanted to decorate it with a renaissance look. I got everything you see there, spare the shelves, for 14 bucks! Thrift stores rock! Complete with a maquette bust of Brianeli, mirror, and scene shelves it's all the inspiration I will ever need.
A lovely shot here of my roommate and fellow animator's desk adjacent to mine, Mel's features a contemporary roma-irish gypsy decor that is both colorful and delightfully homey. Plus with her so close to me, fist pounds are frequent and powerful.

My Dad the Giant: Character Design

The Father Design: Brianeli

Brianlei's, the father, design has been the longest at work. Originally based very heavily on my own father, only much taller. The mouth has remained the same, sporting my father's brushy mustache and sculpted jowls. To make him seem more like the renaissance painter I wanted him to be, I added in bits from other famous artists. The hair from Edgar Allen po with a bit of Leonardo Da Vinci, heavy brows from Michelangelo, the forehead of Beethoven, and eyes, again, from my father. His stature is tall and almost gangly if it not for his beer belly. A lover of food and art, Brianeli has great passion in him, but often it is only shown when is is alone. Reverted emotionally often to his detriment as when he finally releases his emotion, his size making him dangerous to anything around him.

The Son Design:

The son's design is based off of a candle stick. Bouncy, energetic, and only at the age of six Emilio wants to gain the acknowledgment of his father. Not easily detoured and eager to please. I wanted Emilio to be the exact opposite of his father, outgoing and bright. I thus wanted a design that reflected that. I even wanted his value to be only the brightest in the spectrum, so much that he almost glows. I wanted to push the limits of the natural world without breaking any rules that might disorient the audience. His over sized shirt turned cloak is a symbol of him trying to fill his fathers giant presence. His hair is unkept but stands straight in an effort to show his energy and spirit, as well as his raw emotions, no where near as refined or as repressed as his fathers. Everything it out and nothing is hidden, he's basic raw emotion and a desire to show his father what a pretty drawing he made.