Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hello everyone, and my apologies for the long hiatus.

A lot has been happening since my last post. I moved down to Austin TX for a new job, and my friends have all been busy with work, independent projects, and the like. Thankfully things are settling down and I am back full strength on the film.

With this comes two major updates. My composer Aaron Symonds has made a new score sketch for the films soundtrack which will be updated as soon as I can get him a new animatic to look at.

Secondly my good friend Mel Miller has completed the poster for "My Dad the Giant" and it looks stunning! The attention to detail, light, and texture really shows as well as her creativity in finding the right materials like the frame. The color scheme fits my film and explores the renaissance like theme I was going for perfectly. I couldn't be more happy with this picture and for those of you who donated $250 or more you will be receiving one of these in the mail.

Thank you for staying with this project and your continued support. More updates will be coming soon!