Sunday, April 17, 2011

Postcards and Buttons

The designs for the postcards and pins have been completed. This is what everyone who has donated $5 or more can expect in the mail once the funds are transfered into my account and I can print these. I will be printing these from and will then mail them out to the addresses given to me by every0ne who replied to my mass emails.

Button Design

Postcard Design

The Poster design is still a WIP but I will post an update as soon as I finish the preliminary. The DVDs will not be released until my film has been released to festivals. Look for your name in the credits if it hits a festival near you. :)

I have also had a meeting with three new illustrators who have shown interest in hoping onto the "My Dad the Giant" production. They are:
Zach Ares
Karli Cooper
Erika Lavin

I have also received my first color key from Kieth and will be working with him to get the first establishing shot down. Background work will most likely not begin until everyone has finished their finals for this year at CCS, as that has priority in these final weeks of school.

Stay tuned for more updates on the backgrounds, animation, and sound in these coming weeks.
-Patrick Stannard-

Friday, April 1, 2011

We Did it!

With 30 total backers and a combined amount of $2,017 raised, "My Dad the Giant" has officially reached its funding goal!

This couldn't have happened without the generosity of so many people through the amazing kickstarter website. Posters are being made, postcards and pins will go to printing, and DVD boxes will be prepped for when these last 9 days come up. The funding raised will help me purchase supplies, distribution methods, and so much to bring this project to fruition. As promised, to everyone who donated over 10 dollars, you get a big thank you from me here on the production blog!

Special thanks go to:

Teresa and Brian Stannard
Dennis Ahmer
Fil Romero
Tom Conger
Alex Kain
Marcia and Ron Taylor
Amy Baird
Steve Stanchfield
Chris Carden
Matt Penna
Paul Driver
Jay Nungesser
Mark King
Simon Tesla
Dwight Williamson II
Charlotte Pouzanoff
Joshua Harrell
Matt DeWater
Gary Johnson
Jay Sorensen
Kevin Johnson
Kim Termin

Stay tuned for more updates as we begin to finish this film. One worth noting here today is a list of possible credits to those who are giving their time to help me complete this project.

Patrick Stannard - Director/Animator
Steve Stanchfield -

Matt Dewatter - Tie Down Artist
Fil Romero - Tie Down Artist

Kevin Grassia - 3D Modeler

Tyler Scarlet
- Background Illustration
Don Kilpatrick - Background Illustration
Kieth Newton - Background Art Director
Eric Olson - Background Art Manager

Justin Norman - Sound Engineer
Aaron Symonds - Music Composer
Greg Powell - Personnel Manager.

I will have creative discussions with Aaron Symonds this Sunday to talk about the scratch track and what specific instruments may be needed for the film's orchestra.

Again a big thanks to everyone who has donated not only money, but their time and experience to this project. I could never have dreamed to be able to do this just on my own.