Saturday, January 15, 2011

Production begins again

Some of you may have been worried that my film might never get produced. Well after a nice hiatus to focus on my portfolio, demo reel, and paying loans off (if only a little bit at a time), I can say that I have regained my barrings and now have an official deadline for my film.

September 9th, 2011 is the deadline to enter my film in the Mitten Movie Project, a local film festival which was shown a trailer of my film by my friend Doug Stratton. Production has already ramped up and is underway to meet this deadline in 9 months. With 80%-90% of my film already animated, these next months will be focusing on finishing up the remaining 10% and rendering the rest. I already have a multitude of names interested in helping me on this project. Frank Paul who is a sound instructor at my school has offered to help me with my sound FX, Steve Stanchfield who is a mentor of mine has agreed to help me finish a few scenes of animation, Don Kilpatrick has proclaimed interest in my project and with his help has also recommended I speak with
Keith Newton,
a well acclaimed background artist and illustrator. With these names added to my list I can focus on producing a professional film by the beginning of fall.

I also have plans to raise money to help me along with this project. The wonderful website has a set up where I can request donations of a specific ammount by a set deadline. If I do not reach the amount I was looking for by the deadline, then I do not receive any money. However I am confident that I can make an interesting enough pitch video, show the work I already have done, and help people realize that my film is going to be finished on way or another, but that donations may help me purchase the needed materials without going bankrupt.

Below are various examples of the changes I have made to the film, as well as some effects tests I have recently completed.

January 2011 Lyka Reel

Cloth/Color/Shadow Effects Tests

Below is a rough schedule I am attempting to keep. You will notice that I allow for at least two months of buffer room in case I run into any, inevitable, snags.


1. First Shot/Title Shot
2. Candles, both being hit and falling
3. Flames on candle
4. In-between first hand shot with brush
5. Paper when Emilio bounds into the atrium
6. Kid looking back up at door after he has been pushed out
7. Kid balancing and falling with chair
8. Kid getting out from under chair
9. Kid in father's hands
10. Tantrum Scene!
11. Record jump
12. Father backpedaling
13. Kid pulling cloth from eyes
14. Father losing control
15. Smashing Record Player
16. Kid running out of room
17. Bedroom Scene

Total time: 3 weeks (21 days!)

February (4 weeks/28 days)
1.candle flames
2.brushes in cup
3. Record playing
4. Emilio's Robes
5. Emilio's Hair
6. Brianelli's Robes/Hair
7.Paper flying in the breeze
8. Dust and Debris

March (5 weeks/35 days)
Shadow Modeling
1.Shadow over door in title sequence
2. Make sure shadows are always facing away from candle.
3. Emilio shadows subbtle
4. Brianelli Shadows stark
5. When close to candle, Emilio has rim lighting from the doorway.

67 shots total.

April (5 weeks/35 days)
Clean up/Shadow Edges

May - Color
June -Sound Design
July - Backgrounds
Aug - Editing/Buffer
Sept - Editing/Buffer

Thank you for being patient over my break, I will do my best to keep you guys up to date on each production step. Stay tuned for more updates.