Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Layout and Backgrounds

The very talented Tyler Scarlet of my schools illustration department has decided to help me on my project. Here are just a few of the layout concepts he has created based off of my story boards. You can already see the level of quality he is producing, and quick too!

Above: Final thumbnail sketch
Below: Thumbnails, prop sketches, and concept sketches.

Concept: "A commentary on master apprentice relationships in the family."

Brianelli, a world famous renaissance painter, is trying to finish his latest painting but his son Emilio keeps getting in the way. Emilio's struggle for acknowledgment from his giant father conflicts with his fathers alone time. Only too late does Brianelli realize his son looks up to him.

Re-edited down to 4:30 min.

(Left-White Numbers)
Timer Minutes:Seconds:Frames(24 Fps)

(Right-Red Numbers)
Shot breakdown