Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tyler's Backgrounds and Jay's Sounds

Another friend, Justin Norman, has joined the My Dad the Giant production team. Even in the first week he was able to produce many 'one hit' sounds that will be used in my Lyka Reel as well as the final film. I plan to gather up some props for him to use in creating more great sounds for the production.

Tyler Scarlet has been hard at work as always and has produced many great backgrounds and layouts. Here are some examples of what he has been working on.

These first two(Above) are perspective layouts. This will allow me to animate on the correct floor plane so that my characters don't go floating off into space when I make the final edit. Again, he has been producing these with great speed, something I am very thankful for.
Another final line layout. Layouts like this really help my animation along by giving them a solid space to work in.

Every week Tyler comes to me with new thumbnails of backgrounds, we critique and adjust. So far all adjustments have been minor and the project is chugging along nicely.

Some finished thumbnails of the Atrium in which the father works, and a value study of the candle pile(shot 02). Tyler has been able to take my vision and really bring it to life, adding his own touch and expertise. I can't wait to see what the finished backgrounds will look like!

Keep an eye out for my Lyka reel which will be uploaded either late Sunday or early Monday.